Three Exciting New Products from Borroughs

Today, we’re announcing three new products we’ve been hard at work on here at Borroughs. We’ve rolled them out over the first quarter, and they’ve already gotten a great response from our customers and dealers alike.

No matter what your application — automotive, assembly, packing and shipping, and more — they’re sure to make day-to-day work go more smoothly for your team, and make your operation more profitable as a result.

These products were artfully crafted by our engineering team, who focused heavily on refining each product based on real-world customer feedback. Through their rigorous design process and careful attention to detail, our team has ensured these top-quality products will be favorite performers for years to come.

Cantilever Workbench

Our new cantilever workbench has been built with the end user in mind, tirelessly refined based on customer feedback to suit any configuration. This easy-to-fit application works great in both new build-outs and existing spaces alike, and encourages a clean, organized workspace for folks in any industry, or even at home.

These workbenches are built to deliver maximum functionality and toughness, and look great on any shop floor. Your team will love the endlessly configurable pegboard, sturdy base, and user-friendly backstop that stops items from slipping off the back.

  • Corner-gusseted, cantilevered framework 
  • Designed for attachment to rear corners of all steel and hardwood Industrial Workbench Tops
  • Tough 18-gauge perforated panels, backdrop, and overhead
  • Backstop keeps items from falling off back
  • Overhead framework supports most shop lights
  • Power cord access grommets and all hardware included

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Tier Drawers

Borroughs has designed tough new tier drawers that are strong enough for just about anything you throw at (or in) them. These smooth-moving, heavy-duty drawers provide additional space to organize, keeping workbenches free of clutter.

They’re available in both a single and double drawer configuration, and are designed to mount easily to the underside of all sizes and styles of industrial workbenches utilizing adjustable steel angles.

With a 100lbs capacity, 100% extension, and easy-close operation, these next-level drawers are sure to be a favorite on the floor when added to existing and new workbenches alike.

  • Easily mounts underneath all industrial workbenches
  • Utilizes adjustable steel angles
  • Drawer handles sit flush with frame
  • Two drawer configurations available 
  • 100lb capacity, 100% extension, easy-to-close operation
  • All mounting hardware included

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Automotive Work Station Trash Drawers

Last, but certainly not least, we’d like to show you our new Automotive Work Station (AWS) Trash Drawers. These drawers are built to integrate perfectly with any Borroughs AWS configuration, and are available in 7 standard colors.

They provide a great space to get rid of unwanted trash right at the workstation, reducing clutter and saving time walking to-and-from the trash bin. Their clean look and sturdy construction make them a great addition to any shop floor.

The units are pre-assembled and shipped out in our typical MDC packaging, and are designed to accommodate a minimum 7-gallon plastic trash container (not included).

  • Integrates perfectly with any Borroughs AWS layout
  • Standard 400Lb. Fulterer drawer suspension
  • Available in 7 standard colors
  • Pre-assembled, shipped in MDC packaging
  • Holds minimum 7-gallon plastic trash container (not included)

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