Pick Module & High-Rise Systems

High-rise and pick module systems provide cost effective storage solutions that optimize space.

Product Types

Multi-Level Catwalk Systems

Multi-Level Catwalk Systems are designed to integrate perfectly with barcoding and robotic picking systems – making them perfect for storage of small to medium sized, non-palletized material.

Multi-Level Full-Mat Systems

Multi-Level Full-Mat Systems are a favorite with automotive dealerships, distributors, and warehouses that need to accommodate large items with cumbersome and hard to store shapes and sizes.

High-Rise Shelving Systems

High-Rise Shelving systems maximize your facility’s usable space by optimizing unused vertical space, typically reaching 20′-30′ high.

Free-standing Mezzanines

Free-standing Mezzanines use large columns for support, rather than shelving. They are custom designed to offer the best possible utilization of space.


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High-Rise & Multi-Tier Systems

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Mini Mezzanine Installation

Mini Mezzanine System Installation Instructions

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