Rivet-Span® Boltless Shelving

Rivet-Span® boltless shelving systems are the ultimate solution for structurally rigid and versatile storage with easy assembly.

Product Types

Bulk Storage

Designed for greater cube capacity than shelving and a lower price point than racks. Rivet-Span can be used to make bulk storage racks for storing a broad range of hand-loaded heavy materials, bulky parts, or hard-to-store items.

Shelf Units

Single rivet and double rivet low profile beams provide maximum space between shelf levels. Plus, Rivet-Span is ideal for double entry shelving units. It can be accessed from all four sides because no cross braces or face braces are required for stability.

Specialty Units

Limited only by the imagination of the individual. Specialty units are perfect for many hard-to-store items which could include archival records storage, counter high units, tire racks, workbenches, packing/receiving tables, garment hang rod units, and more.

Product Variations

Black Blue Industrial Gray
Mist Gray Pebble Red
4 5 7
8 9 10
36" 42" 48" 60" 72" 96"
12" 18" 24" 36" 48"
84" 96" 120" 144"


Rivet-Span® Boltless Shelving Systems

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Rivet-Span on Aisle-Saver

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Rivet-Span Installation Instructions

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