Borroughs® 5-Shelf Commercial Grade Shelving Unit

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Our painted steel commercial grade shelving unit is a versatile, open-type storage solution comprising sturdy posts, adjustable shelves, and sway braces for enhanced stability. Designed to maximize efficiency, this shelving system is perfect for a wide range of industrial, automotive, and residential storage needs. Ideal for use in warehouses, parts departments, stores, schools, storage areas, offices, homes, garages, and more. 

  • Heavy-duty, commercial-grade 16-gauge steel angle posts 
  • 12-gauge cross braces provide enhanced stability 
  • Each adjustable shelf, constructed from durable 22-gauge steel, supports up to 600 lbs of evenly distributed weight 
  • Crafted from 14-gauge galvanized steel, our non-binding, saddle-type shelf clip brackets allow for effortless adjustment without disrupting or displacing other shelves
  • Unique design ensures fast and easy assembly, saving both time and money 
  • Clean front edge design with no ridges or protrusions for a sleek appearance 
  • Smooth shelf surface enables stored items to glide effortlessly on and off shelves 

Borroughs Steel Workbenches Made in the USA

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The estimated delivery time for standard orders in industrial gray is 2-3 days. Custom colors have a longer lead time and additional fees apply. Please contact us for a quote.


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Open-Type Shelving Unit

Borroughs offers a versatile and durable open type shelving solution, consisting of heavy-duty 16-guage steel angle posts, 22-gauge steel adjustable shelves, and sway braces for enhanced stability. Ideal for general-purpose storage, this shelving unit meets various storage requirements while maximizing economy.

Shelf Weight Capacity

Each Borroughs Box Edge Plus shelf is constructed from 22-gauge steel and boasts a 600 lb evenly distributed weight capacity. These weight capacities adhere to the standards outlined by the American National Standards Institute ANSI-MH28.1-1997 and the Shelving Manufacturers Association (SMA) Specification for the Design, Testing, Utilization, and Application of Industrial Grade Steel Shelving publication.

Box Edge Construction Shelves

The front and rear edges of the commercial grade shelving unit shelf feature a closed, welded box shape, providing superior strength to handle impacts or point loads.

Reinforced Corners Shelves

Sturdy lapped and welded corners reinforce shelf strength, ensuring maximum load capacity.

Cleaner Front Edge Shelves

The Box Edge Plus shelf features a smooth front edge without ridges or protrusions, allowing items to slide effortlessly on and off the shelves.

Angle Posts Shelving Units

Our heavy-duty 16-gauge steel angle posts are engineered for optimal strength and stability, offering flexibility to accommodate changing requirements.

Shelving Unit Heights

Choose from 72” or 84” post heights to maximize vertical storage space.

Industrial Shelving Widths

Borroughs steel shelving units are 36” wide, tailored to meet specific storage needs.

Industrial Shelving Depths

Available in 12”, 18”, or 24” depths, Borroughs’ steel shelving units efficiently store a variety of items.

Fast Assembly Shelving

The unique design of Borroughs shelf brackets ensures quick and easy assembly, saving both time and money.

Easy Shelf Adjustment

Made from 14-gauge galvanized steel, our non-binding, saddle-type shelf brackets allow for effortless adjustment without disrupting or displacing other shelves.

Durable Finish

Borroughs Powder Coat Paint systems are state of the art, resulting in a durable, furniture quality finish—one of the best in the industry.

Environmentally Conscious

Our Green ISO 14001:2004 registered processes exceed current environmental standards. Additionally, our powder coating contains no EPA-banned ingredients and emits no chemical compounds or VOCs into the air during product use.

5-Year Limited Warranty

Our Borroughs shelving units come with a 5-Year Limited Warranty, providing assurance that you are investing in a high-quality, durable product.

Made in the USA

Every Borroughs commercial grade shelving unit is proudly manufactured and forged in the USA with the highest quality USA materials. Borroughs’ steel shelving units are considered industrial grade, designed to be sturdy, and able to withstand heavy use in all residential and industrial settings.

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    Very strong and sturdy shelves. I love that you may adjust to shelf height to accommodate your needs.

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