Customer Testimonial: How a Workbench Strangely Saved My Life

“I just wanted to send an email to say how impressed I was at the durability of this product. My shop has a Borroughs workbench that actually managed to strangely save my life the other day. 

When another employee had a freak accident happen, that managed to send the vehicle I was working under off the rack. I genuinely thought I was going to be squished. Which is a terrible way to end a Saturday at work. 

However, our Borroughs workbench managed to catch a substantial amount of weight, as the front of the vehicle landed on the workbench. 

Not only did I not get squished, which is like a pretty big thing to me. I also found the company I’ll always go to for workbenches in the future, as this was the strongest table I’ve seen in my life. 

Keep doing what you guys do, and making awesome tables! That is all :)” Christian. 

While Christian’s Borroughs heavy-duty workbench stood up to this incredible challenge, we felt it was only fitting to celebrate him and express our appreciation by sending him a brand new Borroughs workbench.  

For over eight decades, Borroughs has been dedicated to engineering and manufacturing top-quality workbenches from 100% American steel. Our heavy-duty workbenches are precision-engineered to last a lifetime, whether you’re in an auto shop, industrial facility, or DIYing in your garage.

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