Green Initiatives: Environmentally-Friendly Products, Packaging, and Processes

We have a commitment to our customers to provide the highest quality products and a duty to our environment to do so in a sustainable manner.

We have been registered and certified as ISO 14001:2015 with Local, State, and Federal regulations achieved; in other words, the International Organization for Standardization acknowledges our organization’s commitment to managing our environmental responsibilities systematically to the environmental pillar of sustainability. We have also received two environmental compliance awards from the City of Kalamazoo. Our dedication to the environment goes above and beyond the industry standard by continuously evaluating and improving.

Our assessments have tracked over 1,000,000 kilowatts of electricity saved by various steel recycling methods in one year. That’s enough electricity to power roughly one hundred average-sized houses for a year! Tracking natural resource utilization allows us to continuously improve (and it gives us fun facts like that!).

Consideration of the sourcing of the material is always top of mind. For example, we make our steel products with twenty-five to ninety percent recycled content, we use pallets made from reclaimed wood (those that are no longer usable are sent back for refurbishment), and we reuse excess paint in either another color or as road surface product.

That said, creating a sustainable product is about more than just the product; it’s also about what you package the product in. Our corrugated packaging ranges anywhere from twenty to forty percent recycled content, and any excess packaging gets sent to a recycling facility. 

And lastly, we have worked to develop a sustainable process for curating all of our products. For instance, coating our products with the surface powder coat color is closely monitored to ensure there aren’t any volatile organic compounds released into the atmosphere during the process. Because the only thing we’re willing to put out in the world is good vibes (or so the kids would say).

These efforts demonstrate our commitment to reduce and reuse natural resources; and we are continuously furthering our efforts and always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.