Heavy-Duty Solid Hardwood Workbench Top (Top Only)

This Solid 1-3/4″ thick hardwood top is crafted from mixed hardwoods featuring a 1/8” eased edge with a clear catalyzed lacquer finish.

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1-3/4″ Thick Hardwood Workbench Top

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Our Borroughs hardwood workbench top comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, providing assurance that you are investing in a high-quality, durable product.

Made in the USA
All Borroughs products and accessories are proudly manufactured and forged in the USA with the highest quality USA materials. Borroughs’ hardwood workbench top is considered industrial grade, designed to be sturdy, and able to withstand heavy use in all residential and industrial settings.


Because it’s wood! 


The highest technological wood standards are used throughout the manufacture of butcher block hardwood tops. Construction begins with carefully selected hardwoods which are scientifically kiln dried in instrument monitored kilns. 

After precision machining, these sections are electronically bonded together.  After surfacing and sanding, an exclusive special acrylic top coating is applied, DURAKRYL™ 102.  The DURAKRYL™ 102 finish is used to virtually eliminate problems caused by solvents – such as alcohol, thinners, and bleach. As a matter of fact, these solvents can be used to clean the top and remove stains. 

The important thing to remember is that these laminated tops are wood. With all the precautions that are taken to resist normal humidity changes, wood FOREVER expands or contracts relative to the moisture (humidity) exposure. Hardwood tops are ideally situated if they are in an environment at the same humidity and temperature levels that humans find comfortable. Extreme exposure (too much or too little) to moisture can be very damaging and prolonged exposure in adverse conditions can result in one of two situations – WARPING or SPLITTING. 

How long should your BUTCHER BLOCK HARDWOOD TOP last? There is virtually no limit to the lifespan of your butcher block top if simple care is practiced. 


This is caused by an imbalance of moisture content between top and bottom surfaces. Warping is normally a temporary condition as the unit has a “memory” which will allow it to return to flat. If covering (such as glass or plexiglass on the unit) has caused the warp, simply remove the covering. Otherwise, just allow the unit to “climatize” from the trauma of storage or shipping. 


Some small seasonal checks (splits) may appear on the unit as it contracts during low humidity periods (winter). Summer’s high humidity may close these checks (splits). Season checks (splits) do not affect the life or use of the unit. 

Since the top is wood, and wood reacts to the climate that surrounds it, a couple of common sense DONT’S are worth mentioning. 

DON’T cover the top. (For example, do not cover the unit with glass, plexiglass, or rubber mats). 

DON’T store the top in a damp area or let the top get wet. (For example, the concrete in a new construction will transmit moisture into the wood because of the high humidity). 

Remember, exposure to extremes in temperature or humidity will damage any wood product.  This is not a manufacturing defect. 



Saw cuts for reduction in size or for cutouts must be resealed at once, preferably with a clear urethane. 

This unit is coated with our DURAKRYL™ 102 finish which does not require any maintenance. The finish is formulated to repel most household solvents such as detergents, alcohol, etc. Stains will normally be only on the surface of the finish and can be removed with a fingernail polish remover or bleach. These two substances should be removed from the surface as soon as the stain disappears. 

The use of scouring powder is not advised. If you use your new block as a true cutting surface, it would be advisable to periodically reseal the area in which you have cut. Mineral oil or vegetable oil can be used. Tung Oil or Baily’s “Good Stuff” finish does a superior job. The latter two oils can be used for repairs or complete refurbishing should that need arise.

Solid 1-3/4″ thick hardwood top is crafted from mixed hardwoods featuring a 1/8” eased edge with a clear catalyzed lacquer finish

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