72″ Wide Rolling Adjustable Height Workbench with Hardwood Top, Bottom Shelf, and Casters

Investing in a spacious 72 inch wide adjustable height mobile solid wood top workbench offers numerous benefits, especially for projects demanding a larger work surface. This 72” heavy-duty worktable, available in 30 inch depth, is well-suited for a diverse range of individuals, including woodworkers, manufacturers, automotive enthusiasts, engineers, teachers, hobbyists, and more.

  • HEAVY DUTY WORKBENCH TOP: Constructed with solid 1-3/4″ hardwood and designed for both residential and commercial use; Supports 750 lbs of evenly distributed weight
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT WORKBENCH: High strength 16-gauge steel legs are adjustable in 1-in increments between 36″ to 42″ with casters for rolling mobility
  • MOBILE WORKBENCHES: Four smooth-rolling 4” diameter casters, featuring two braking casters, crafted from heavy-duty 14-gauge steel and durable Polyolefin wheels to ensure durability against rigorous daily use
  • MADE IN THE USA: 100% manufactured and forged in the USA with the highest quality materials; Limited Lifetime Warranty

Borroughs Steel Workbenches Made in the USA Borroughs Steel Workbenches Made in the USA

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Mobile Solid Wood Top Workbench

Our adjustable height steel workbench with 1-3/4″ thick hardwood top can handle heavy loads, endure heat, and impacts. Butcher block wood surfaces have natural flexibility and shock absorption. For woodworking, this worktable offers a stable surface for cutting, sawing, and assembling. Wood workbenches are suitable for industrial workshops, automotive maintenance, DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists, woodworking, crafting and home projects, classrooms, and manufacturing.

Finding the Right Size Work Table Near Me

Have you asked yourself “where can I find a heavy duty mobile solid wood top workbench near me?” At Borroughs of course! Our stationary work tables feature 16-gauge steel workbench legs with adjustable heights ranging from 30-3/4 to 42 inches, providing ergonomic solutions for all individuals. When choosing a worktable, considering weight capacity is key. We offer a range of workbenches with impressive weight capacities, from 1,000 to 2,000 lbs.

Top Quality Mobile Workbench

Explore Borroughs’ versatile rolling mobile workbenches, elevating the functionality beyond traditional stationary tables. Engineered with four smooth-rolling 4” diameter casters, two are braking, and 16-gauge steel legs adjustable from 36″ to 42”, these workbenches offer the flexibility to easily relocate your workspace for any project.

From woodworking to automotive maintenance, these mobile workstations accommodate a diverse range of tasks with load capacities ranging from 750 to 1,000 lbs. Our casters ensure durability even under rigorous daily use.

IMPORTANT: When converting a stationary workbench to a mobile workbench, the evenly distributed weight load will decrease to:

• Workbench with two stringers – up to 1,000 lb capacity
• Workbench with one stringer and one bottom shelf – up to 750 lb capacity

Adjustable Height Wood Workbench

Enhance your workspace with our Adjustable Height Wood Workbench, designed to minimize physical strain by allowing you to tailor the bench height to your comfort level. Perfect for a variety of settings including woodworking shops, craft rooms, garages, and classrooms, these versatile workbenches cater to various user heights and activities. Constructed with durable 16-gauge steel legs, our mobile wood workbenches ensure stability and adaptability, with height adjustments ranging from 36″ to 42″. Ideal for educational environments, collaborative spaces, or any shared workspace, our adjustable height workbenches promote ergonomics and customization. 

Workbench Accessories for Heavy Duty Workbenches

Customize your adjustable height workbench with a range of accessories to enhance functionality, organization, and efficiency in your workspace. No heavy duty workbench is complete without the right complements. Boroughs offers many workbench accessory options to consider for your workstation.

Bottom Shelf for Wood or Steel Workbenches

Enhance your adjustable height workbench by incorporating a robust 16-gauge bottom shelf, designed for heavy-duty storage and organization. With a 1″ formed front lip and flange back, the 15″ deep bottom shelf provides easy retrieval of frequently used items for your worktable. Get a quality bottom shelf for steel workbenches from Borroughs.

Top Ledge Shelf for Adjustable Height Workbench

Elevate and organize your work station with a top ledge shelf for a steel workbench, providing extra accessible storage 10” above your work surface. Layer up to 3 work bench shelves for increased storage capacity. Crafted from heavy-duty 16-gauge steel, each top ledge shelf supports up to 50 lbs of evenly distributed weight. Customize your work table setup by adding or removing shelves as needed.

Edge Guards for a Steel or Wood Workbench

Crafted from heavy-duty 14-gauge steel, our 3″ high edge guards for workbenches help prevent tools and materials from accidentally falling off the worktable. Conveniently attach them to the back and sides of the workbench top. These edge guards also shield work surface edges, ensuring a longer lifespan.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our Borroughs heavy-duty adjustable height steel workbenches come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, providing assurance that you are investing in a high-quality, durable product.

Made in the USA

All Borroughs workbench products and workbench accessories are proudly manufactured and forged in the USA with the highest quality USA materials. Borroughs’ heavy-duty adjustable height steel workbenches are considered industrial grade, designed to be sturdy, and able to withstand heavy use in all residential and industrial settings.

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