Shelf Capacities – A load of difference

Leave any load-bearing concerns to the construction experts because the last thing you need to worry about is a shelf collapsing like the part of the Colosseum.

Borroughs Box Edge Plus® industrial shelving is made from high-quality steel and our units are designed for nearly any industry. This allows you to feel confident in your unit choice for any storage solution.

The chart below is a great, easy to use guide that will help you size the right shelving unit for your needs.

Borroughs Box Edge Plus shelving weight capacities were derived using the standards set forth by American National Standards Institute ANSI-MH28.1-1997 and Shelving Manufacturers Association (SMA) Specification for the Design, Testing, Utilization, and Application of Industrial Grade Steel Shelving publication.

Disclaimer – The capacities listed are for uniformly loaded shelves. They were determined using testing procedures that conform to the standards of the Shelving Manufacturers Association. Shelves were tested for both capacity and acceptable deflection.