Borroughs Box Edge Plus® industrial shelving is made from high-quality galvanized steel and our units are designed for nearly any industry. Choose from several types of storage solutions:

Open Type Units

Open Type Units

Flexible open-type industrial shelving is ideal for general purpose storage and meets most storage requirements, while providing maximum efficiency. Open units include posts, shelves and sway braces for added stability. All of our units incorporate clip-type shelving to make installation easy and efficient.

Closed Type Units (without backs)

Closed Type Units

Closed-type industrial shelving without backs provide side support, and give row ends a more finished appearance. Borroughs Box Edge Plus® industrial shelves are made to work in conjunction with each other. These units are often combined with closed units in back-to-back installations. They can also be used alone along walls.

Closed Type Units (with backs)

Closed Type Units (with backs)

Closed-type industrial shelves with backs incorporate both side and back enclosures to protect the contents, while providing a neat finished appearance. Closed-type shelving is perfect for storing loose parts. Assembly of these units are easily completed with simple shelf bracketing.

Bin Type Units

bin type unit infopage image

Thousands of bin configurations can be created from the Borroughs Box Edge Plus® basic bin unit. With versatile bin-type industrial shelving, you can customize storage of your parts and small bulk items. Shelf dividers and boxes provide separation with easy access and identification.

Quality Products Made with Tradition in Mind

Borroughs Box Edge Plus® Industrial Shelving and all of our other top quality products are proudly made in the USA. Our team has provided storage solutions for nearly a century, serving a wide variety of industries.

  • Distribution & Warehousing
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Government & Defense
  • Library & Institutional
  • Medical & Laboratory

Whether your storage needs are big or small, Borroughs offers a wide assortment of industrial shelves that are flexible, durable and reliable. We are committed to our customers’ unique needs and will work with you to create an industrial storage solution that meets your exact business requirements.

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