1. Space Saving

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Products stored on 2-1/2 sections of shelving will fit inside of one Borroughs Eye Level Height Modular Drawer Cabinet. That’s a footprint reduction of 60%.

2. Efficiency

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Create compartments that resemble the actual cubic space requirements of the part being stored with partitions and dividers.

3. Flexibility

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Cabinets attach side-to-side, back-to-back, and are designed to be stacked up to (5) units high. In addition, they are adjustable as the application changes, and can be relocated – fully loaded.

4. Accessibility

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Drawers are ergonomically engineered to provide the best human reach points.

5. Organization

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Drawer interiors can be sub-divided into compartments, and labeled for convenience. Compartments eliminate the need for cartons and/or plastic bins.

6. Security

m locking core

Drawers can be closed and locked, preventing unauthorized entry. Stored product remains free from dirt, and damage.

7. Safety

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All Borroughs modular drawers are available as Multiple Drawer or Single Drawer access units. (Single drawer units provide an anti-tilt feature)

Borroughs Modular Drawers are available in 4 widths: 

23″ Wide – Modular Drawer Cabinets are a great choice for smaller spaces that need dense storage capacity.

30″ Wide – Modular Drawer Cabinet is the standard in the industry. Ours is build to exceed those standards.

45″ Wide – Modular Drawer Cabinet is built to give just a bit more room for larger items.

60″ Wide – Modular Drawer Cabinets are designed to handle your biggest tools, your larger items, and can be configured in a multitude of ways to accommodate your needs.


Borroughs Modular Drawers are available in 6 cabinet heights:

68S or Eye Level Height – Actual Dimension is 59″H

49S or Counter Height – Actual Dimension is 44″H

40S or Stand Up Height – Actual Dimension is 37″H

35S or Bench Height – Actual Dimension is 33″H

31S or Table Height – Actual Dimension is 30″H

27S or Desk Height – Actual Dimension is 27″H

Cabinets heights depicted DO NOT INCLUDE base dimensions (fork truck, caster or stainless steel legs).

Modular Drawer Options

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Modular Drawer Part Number Definition Illustration

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mdc shelf part number difinition illo
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