From Small Parts Storage to Bulk Storage:
Automotive Storage Solutions with Alex Maksimovic of Borroughs

At Borroughs, we redefine automotive storage. We don’t just provide products, we deliver tailored solutions designed to optimize your automotive storage space. Whether you’re embarking on a dealership remodel or seeking specific storage solutions, our expertise in design ensures the perfect fit for your needs.


Discover a seamless journey to efficiency with Alex at the helm of your automotive storage project. With a keen eye for detail and expertise at every phase, Alex ensures a tailored solution that maximizes space and functionality. From conceptualization to installation, his approach integrates specialized automotive small to large parts and service systems, Industrial Box Edge® Shelving units, Rivet-Span® Boltless Racking units, Flexi-bins® units, multi-level systems, automotive workstations, and workbenches, strategically placing parts for swift accessibility, slashing retrieval times, reducing technician downtime, and streamlining customer service. The Borroughs Part Smart System brings a suite of benefits: precision in parts selection, heightened productivity, cost savings, floor space optimization, and durable, long-lasting products.


Trust Alex to unlock your space’s potential and revolutionize your automotive storage needs, one custom solution at a time. Ready to revolutionize your automotive storage? Connect with Alex to craft a custom solution! Call 630-624-4930 or email Alex to optimize your space with the Borroughs Part Smart System today!

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  • Faster & Accurate Parts Picking System

  • Decreased Operational Costs

  • Long-Lasting Products & Years of Trouble-Free Service

  • Increased Productivity & Efficiency

  • Optimized Floor Space

  • 3-D Design Software

  • 3-D Rendering

  • Real Life Execution



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