Why pick modules and high-rise shelving? Why Borroughs?

As consumers continue to want and expect faster delivery, distribution centers need to accommodate faster picking and space for broken case goods. Shelving supported pick modules and high-rise shelving systems allow for dense storage of products, reduced materials handling and space utilization. Robots and/or workers grab the SKUs from the picking station and put them on a fully integrated conveyor system to be sorted for rapid-order fulfillment.

Because of the increased complexity of the modern-day distribution center, it’s important that pick module designs be customer specific and take into account the integration of other systems like conveyor, AS/RS, robotics, etc.

At Borroughs, we can handle everything involved in a pick module and multi tier system. We have an experienced team that understands how you need to build it, how you need to factor in things like conveyor positions and point loads and how you need it delivered and installed to get a facility up and running on your timeline. We make the process as easy as possible – with our 3D layout quoting software, robust team of project managers and high-quality manufacturing capabilities.

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