The 4 Questions You Need to Answer to Build an Efficient Industrial Shelving System

  1. What will be stored on the shelves? This is a critical factor in the success of making sure your system supports your needs. This could affect the gauge of the shelf, whether bracing is necessary, etc.
  2. What height do I need for my system? Do you need to be able to reach the shelves from the ground or can you take advantage of maximizing the entire vertical height in your space? If you can go all the way up, you will need to take into consideration how you will reach the top shelf.
  3. How wide and how deep do I need my shelves? The proper depth and width of the units will insure your materials are stored at maximum efficiency on the shelves, leaving no dead space.
  4. How many units do you need? Do I need side panels or back panels on the shelving units? There are instances that to comply with fire codes you will need the panels. Shelving units back and side panels also keep materials safe from dirt and dust.

As a national leader in the designing and manufacturing of industrial shelving, Borroughs can assist you in determining the best shelving system for your needs. We will help guide you through all of the above questions to make sure that your industrial shelving system is designed to maximize the efficiency of your facility.

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