Mobile Aisle-Saver® Systems

Aisle-Saver’s flexible design and optional features allows you to create exactly the storage and filing system your facility requires.

Product Types

Track Systems

Track capacity is designed to carry maximum loads of 1,000 lbs. per linear carriage foot.

Seismic Track Systems

Offer the same quality construction and design features as standard track systems, but are designed for application in high seismic zones.

Carriage Systems

Secured over-lapping track splice design provides positive vertical and horizontal alignment and even load transfer.


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Aisle Saver Mobile Storage

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Aisle-Saver Technical Data Sheet: Standard Track

Download PDF
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Aisle-Saver Technical Data Sheet: Carriage Specs

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Aisle-Saver Technical Data Sheet: Seismic/ Anti-Tilt Tracks

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Aisle Saver Shelving

Aisle Saver Mobile Shelving Installation Instructions

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