Borroughs Professional Grade Fork Truck Base Workstation, 37″H x 60-3/8″W x 29-1/4″D, A1-602940FT-MD07AM

SKU: A1-602940FT-MD07AM

All drawers are supplied with a black, polyester mesh liner. Ergonomic handles are flush with housing, full-width, and are located at the top of each drawer.

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The lead time for Automotive Workstation products is 5 weeks.

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Professional Grade Automotive Workstations for Vehicle Servicing, Diagnostic, and Repair Work

Borroughs Automotive Workstations meet every need you have, and every need you will have. Rugged, Durable, and Easily Customizable –The New Standard in Automotive Workstations. American Made – American Quality.

Automotive work station for service areas