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borroughs freestanding mezzanine storage platform

Borroughs is the expert in High-Rise and Multi-Level storage systems. We have engineered a wide variety of storage system options that allow you to create exactly the kind of storage that works for your facilities complex needs. Borroughs Multi-Level storage systems can adapt to practically any free-standing or fixed storage structures in your facility.

The Borroughs sales force has extensive high-rise and multi-level shelving experience. Working with Systems Integrators, Consulting Engineers and end-users from the initial planning stages through completion, we help ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget. Based on location, building configuration and storage application, we will help you specify the correct shelving system. Borroughs Technical Support Group can provide both preliminary and final layouts.

The Borroughs name is associated with quality throughout the storage products industry. Our reputation comes from superior product design and a corporate commitment to quality. You simply won’t find better products than the Borroughs Box Edge Plus® Shelf and the Post systems. Choosing from our Angle, Beaded or High-Rise Posts, your system can be engineered to meet application, capacity and safety requirements. Borroughs’ combination of posts make it easy to design high-rise shelving for order pickers and multi-level systems utilizing either catwalk, bin cap or full-mat methods.

Technical Support That Goes the Distance

full mat shelving system shelf

Borroughs offers one-of-a-kind technical support for shelving systems. Our Technical Support Group is dedicated to the development and implementation of large-scale shelving projects. The group’s first responsibility is to help put on paper a cost-effective shelving system that meets both current and future storage needs. Systems are designed to maximize storage efficiency, minimize investment and help meet applicable building codes such as aisle dimensions, fire egress aisles and seismic requirements.

Borroughs Technical Support Group Can Provide

  • Competitive turnkey estimates for your shelving project.
  • Necessary field measurements.
  • Detailed submittal drawings for your approval.
  • Engineering stamp, when required.
  • Final bill of material.
  • On-Time delivery.
  • A build-able mix of product to facilitate an uninterrupted installation process.
  • Complete installation service for shelving and mezzanine systems.
  • If installation is by others, we will review the project with your contractor and be on site for start-up.

The Borroughs Technical Support Group is dedicated to the development and implementation of large scale shelving projects. Every project is different and will always require some custom features. Whether it entails working around columns, accommodating special aisle widths, ensuring conveyor access or meeting unique storage specifications, we have the experience and the expertise to make the shelving system work for you.

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