Vertical Cultivation: Trough Shelving

Borroughs has products for every stage of the growth cycle, and each system is easily configurable to meet your cultivation needs. Our products are designed to reduce your nursery footprint, optimize your space, and help increase your yield. Through years of manufacturing and design expertise, only Borroughs can get the most out of your vertical space.

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Horticultural trough shelves replace single layer tables which waste vertical space. Designed for commerical cannibis grow operations and perfect for top feed irrigation systems. Wire decking options are available for flood and drain trays.

Shelves/tables (or racks) rest on heavy-duty beams. The front to back support beams are sloped at a 2-4 degree angle (grade) which provide a surface for nutrient run off (drip to waste).

The shelves have a proprietary trough built in to provide a catch for drainage which slants either left to right, or right to left (you decide).

The troughs are available with open-ends so you can easily add pvc drains. Caps are available to close the ends if you prefer to add drainage tubes directly to the trough. Your on-site installer can decide where to locate the tubes.

Shelves are engineered for single, double, triple and even quadruple stacks (level of shelves/racks). Take advantage of your vertical space, reduce your working footprint, and grow, grow, grow!

Go higher.

Many warehouses have high ceilings that are ideal for a 2-story system. Borroughs has the expertise to design high-rise, multi-level grow facilities and increase your cultivation space.

Mobile means more.

Are you looking to double your grow space? Our Aisle-Saver System is a high-density mobile sytem available for your cultivation facilities. The racks or shelves ride on a carriage and rail system, allowing open access to only the aisle you need to work in. This increases usable space by 50%, or reduces the room footprint by half.

  • Maximize production
  • Harvest efficiently
  • Reduce labor cost
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