Rivet-Span® Boltless Shelving Solutions

Borroughs Rivet-Span boltless shelving systems are the ultimate solution for structurally rigid and versatile storage with easy assembly.

Rivet shelving is known for its strength. It is made of welded steel to hold heavy parts and equipment, and is held together with sturdy connector pins. It also has an impressive capacity, making it ideal for storing automotive parts, a wide range of heavy boxed products, cases and more. Rivet shelving offers an affordable, open-shelving solution, ideal for easy-access from every side. Also known as boltless shelving, it can be easily put together with nothing more than a rubber mallet.

Borroughs Rivet-Span shelving is the highest quality shelving of its kind. As an unrivalled boltless shelving solution, it is designed for optimum convenience to enable an efficient working environment.

Bulk Storage

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Simple, economical storage that is designed for today’s extensive selection of hand-loaded bulky, heavy or hard to store items. Rivet-Span offers a complete range of sizes with spans and depths wider and greater than conventional shelving.

This flexible solution makes it easy to expand with additional rivet shelving as your business and need for storage space grows.

Automotive Systems

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Borroughs Rivet-Span systems can be used to create open shelving areas for storing larger items such as sheet metal and tires. Shelves can be accessed from any side, so that you’re able to make the most of every inch of space without equipment getting lost at the back.

Constructed of heavy-duty 14 gauge steel frames and sturdy rack-like beam-to-post connections, Rivet-Span products are built to last and support substantially weighted equipment. Low initial cost and fast and easy installation are additional advantages of Borroughs Rivet-Span systems.

Specialty Units

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Specialty uses for Rivet-Span shelving are limited only by the imagination of the individual. Some of the obvious uses are as archival records storage units, tire racks, or units used as workbenches or packing and receiving tables.

Additionally, retail establishments can use Rivet-Span solutions to create back-room garment hang racks or to manage other hard-to-store items. Rivet shelving is a convenient solution for manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. It is often found in garages and warehouses, supporting tools, products and equipment.

Vertical Grow Systems

vertical cultivation grow rack rivet span image

Whether you’re a small start-up or large scale operation, we have a rivet shelving solution that’s right for you. The simplicity of Borroughs’ Rivet-Span design ensures structural rigidity as well as fast and easy assembly, saving you time and money.

Select your required width, height and depth of shelving to ensure the perfect solution for your working environment.

Borroughs Rivet-Span boltless shelving solutions are unsurpassed in terms of quality and stability. Built to last by experts in Kalamazoo, Michigan, you can trust our exceptional rivet shelving to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Designed by industry experts with decades of experience, our industrial storage equipment is of the highest quality.

Find the Rivet-Span boltless shelving solution to support your business, or contact us today to learn more.

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