Bulk Storage

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Simple, economical storage that is designed for today’s wide variety of hand-loaded bulky, heavy, or hard-to-store items. Rivet-Span offers a complete range of sizes with spans and depths wider and greater than conventional shelving.

Automotive Systems

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Rivet-Span systems offer open shelving areas for storing larger items such as sheet metal and tires. Shelves can be accessed from any side. Rivet-Span products are constructed of heavy-duty 14 gauge steel frames and sturdy rack-like beam-to-post connections. Low initial cost, fast and easy installations are additional advantage of Borroughs Rivet-Span systems.

Specialty Units

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Special uses of Rivet-Span are limited only by the imagination of the individual. Some of the obvious uses are as archival records storage units, tire racks, or units used as work benchs or packing and receiving tables. Additionally, retail establishments an use Rivet-Span for back room garment hang racks – or for other hard-to-store items.

Vertical Grow Systems

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Whether you’re a small start-up or large scale grow operation, we have a storage/shelving solution that’s right for you. The simplicity of Borroughs’ Rivet-Span design ensures structural rigidity as well as fast and easy assembly – saving time and money.

Rivet-Span® shelving units are made up of posts, side-to-side beams, and front-to-back beams. There are certain minimum requirements for beam use to ensure structural stability and safety. For example: all units must have a full “perimeter” of double rivet beams, meaning two side-to-side and two front-to-back, at both top and bottom of unit for stability. There are other requirements, see below.

Preconfigured Units – Include all required beams. Installation instructions (included with shipment) show how to position beams correctly.

Non-preconfigured Units – Follow these guidelines when specifying individual components:

  • All units require a full perimeter of double rivet beams at top and bottom of unit.
  • Single Rivet Beam (SRB) and Double Rivet Low Profile Beam (DRLPB) units 24″ deep or less:
  • Do not require SRB’s front-to-back at each intermediate level in the unit.
  • 6′-8′ high must have one SRB intermediate level front-to-back, located approximately in the middle of the unit.
  • 9′-10′ high must have two SRB intermediate levels front-to-back, located to divide the height into 3 equal parts.
  • 11′-16′ high must have three intermediate levels; a full perimeter of Double Rivet Beams (DRB) in the middle plus intermediate levels of front-to-back SRB’s in the upper and lower halves of unit.

• Single Rivet Beam (SRB) and Double Rivet Low Profile Beam (DRLPB) units 30″ deep or greater:
All units must have SRB’s front-to-back at every intermediate level; units 11′-16′ must have SRB’s front-to-back at every intermediate level PLUS a full perimeter level of Double Rivet Beams (DRB) located approximately in the middle of the unit.

• Double Rivet Angle Beams (DRAB) and Double Rivet Channel Beams (DRCH) must have front-to-back beams at each beam level to provide decking support and ensure stability. When using DRCH from side-to-side, DRAB must be used from front-to-back.

• Tie Plates are recommended to tie adjacent Angle Post units together and to ensure structural stability. Tie plates should be used at the top and bottom of adjacent posts with additional tie plates spaced no more than 48″ apart. Tie plates are not used on units with T Posts.

Nominal unit width = 24″, 30″, 32″, 36″, 42″, 48″, 60″, 69″, 72″, 84″ or 96″
Actual single unit width = nominal width +1/2″

Nominal unit depth = 12″, 15″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 32″, 36″, 42″ or 48″
Actual single unit depth = nominal depth +1/2″
Actual back-to-back units depth = combined actual single unit depths +7/32″

Nominal unit height = 6′, 7′, 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′, 15′ or 16′
Actual unit height = nominal height ±1/32″

Length of Run
Actual length of run = sum of actual unit widths +7/32″ per adjoining unit (insert: RS_length-of-run_illo.jpg)

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