Borroughs Pre-Configured Flexi-Bins Unit, 8 Shelves, 41 Adjustable Openings, 84″H x 38″W x 12″D

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Flexi-Bins allow parts to remain in proper sequence for quick identification and retrieval. Inventory control is increased and parts personnel are more efficient.

Shipping Terms:

The lead time for Flexi-Bins products is 12 weeks.

Product Specs

Flexi-Bin Unit includes: 41 adjustable openings, 8 shelves, and 32 Sliding Dividers 3"H.

Height:  84"

Width:  38"

Depth:  12

Shelves:  8

Openings: 41

Take Control of Your Small Inventory Stock

For improved inventory control over small parts or products, it’s impossible to beat the functionality and value of Flexi-Bins. American Made – American Quality.