Borroughs Automotive 2 Level Long Parts Rack Starter, 87″H x 38″W x 18″D

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Vertical bins for awkward parts and horizontal racks for longer moldings, keep these items neatly organized and protected from potential damage. The adder part number for this item is 8201.

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The lead time for Automotive Workstation products is 12 weeks.

Product Specs

The Automotive 2 Level Long Parts Rack Starter is 87"H x 38"W x 18"D. Borroughs has practical and economical storage solutions for long, fragile and difficult to store parts.

Height:  87"

Width:  38"

Depth:  36"

Vertical Storage Levels:  1

Bulk Storage Levels:  1

Professional Grade Automotive Workstations for Vehicle Servicing, Diagnostic, and Repair Work

Borroughs Automotive Workstations meet every need you have, and every need you will have. Rugged, Durable, and Easily Customizable –The New Standard in Automotive Workstations. American Made – American Quality.

Automotive work station for service areas