Meet the Team: Engineering Spotlight

Meet our team of Engineers that work tirelessly every day to make Borroughs products the best in the industry!

Dale Voelz

Dale is the Director of Engineering here at Borroughs, managing all aspects of Product Development with our great team of engineers.

This past April Fool’s Day marks eight years at Borroughs for him (or does it?) and he’s adjusting just fine to being a Chicago-native Blackhawk fan in Red Wings territory.

Greg Gill

Greg is our Environmental Coordinator for Safety & Facilities, and he’s been with us for 39 years. He loves learning new things and applying concepts to make a difference.

He’s been married to his wife, Beverly, for 35 years and loves the Chicago Bears. He’s also been to the INDY 500 every year since 1970, with the exception of this year because of COVID restrictions. If all goes well, he’ll be back again next year!

Adam Thomas

Adam has been with Borroughs for 10 years, and he’s come up with some great products during his time here. He graduated from Western Michigan University, and the Detroit Tigers are his favorite team in sports. He enjoys reading non-fiction books, a nice hot cup of black coffee, and being outdoors.

Bryan Pratt

A Manufacturing Engineer, Bryan has been with Borroughs for 10 years. He enjoys working with both the engineering and manufacturing teams to bring products from design to working finished products for our customers. He believes Borroughs has “lots of good equipment that’s operated by great people, allowing us to make some high-quality products.” We agree, Bryan!

Bryan is also the father of two very active teenagers, and loves going to all their sporting events with his wife. When there’s some free time, he likes to spend time outside doing lawn and garden projects.

Dave O Hagan

Dave, a Design Engineer, has been with Borroughs since 2013. He does everything from researching, designing, to prototyping, and modifying new and existing products to better fit customer needs. His favorite part about working at Borroughs is the quality products we make and the people he works with.

Dave enjoys working on motorcycles, metal fabrication, camping, hiking, and skiing.