Book Depositories & Archival Storage

Borroughs book depository systems provide versatile, secure storage for books of all sizes, from volumes to individual literary works. Borroughs book depository design, used by Harvard University, is an excellent choice when priceless archives need to be protected. Borroughs book depository shelving will allow for high capacity and high efficiency archival storage.

Borroughs Book Depository Systems Feature:

  • Post profiles are 30% narrower than other manufacturers
  • Shelf supports have a Lance & Bayonet design, allowing a fast opening adjustment and initial installation time reductions.

University Public & Private Libraries

Borroughs Wilsonstak® Library Shelving units are designed for the efficient storage and display of library collections. We can provide complete storage solutions from archival and multi-media, to general collection bookstacks and multi-tier structures.

Our products are in use in public and private libraries in all 50 states and in many countries around the world.

Borroughs Wisonstak Experts are Pleased to Offer:

  • Assistance with floor plan layouts
  • Engineering data
  • Product information
  • Budget pricing

Sports Team & Recreational Storage

Borroughs has several product lines to help you maximize your resources, organize your athletes and keep their challenges on the field, not in the locker room! Our Aisle-Saver mobile storage can increase your storage capacity by 50%. Additionally, our other products will help you store materials at point-of-use, improving access.

Borroughs Sports & Recreational Storage Products Include:

  • Aisle-Saver® Compact Storage
  • Box Edge Plus® Shelves
  • Record Master® Shelving
  • Rivet-Span® Shelving
  • High Density Drawer Systems
  • Mobile Cabinets and Carts

Back Room & Facilities Storage

Box Edge Plus:

Used for heavier and bulk storage, the Borroughs Box Edge Plus industrial shelving is engineered and manufactured for efficiency and durability. Box Edge Plus shelving can be combined with HD drawers for maximum versatility.

Rivet-Span Boltless Shelves:

Simple, economical industrial shelving. No nuts, bolts, clips or cross-braces – just posts, beams and decking. Assemble in minutes using only a rubber mallet.

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