With Borroughs healthcare storage solutions, your supplies and equipment can be stored conveniently close to where your staff needs them most. Spend more time with patients and less time looking for supplies.

Health delivery systems planners recognize that designs made in cooperation with knowledgeable suppliers today can result in greater efficiency and cost savings. Borroughs Storage Specialists are trained in translating your storage needs into efficient systems, designed with the individual department’s unique requirements in mind. Diverse areas can benefit from today’s analysis of workflow and storage needs:

  • Central Supply
  • Pharmacy
  • Laundry
  • Records Storage
  • Labs
  • Research Library…and more!

When you and a Borroughs representative sit down together, you have access to a broad range of durable, adaptable products as well as an entire team of experts to assist you in the planning process. Borroughs’ dedication to fulfilling your needs does not end when the purchase order is signed. Delivery, set-up and implementation of the system are their concern as well as yours.

The Borroughs’ Aisle-Saver® systems offer a perfect solution to your filing storage needs. Aisle-Saver is a modular space-saving solution that effectively increases filing and storage capacity by 50%. Aisle-Saver also eliminates the loss of essential office space to overflowing filing and storage, or the need for costly investments in expansion construction or relocation.

Box Edge Plus® Shelving:

Engineered and manufactured for value and quality with easily adjusted components to lend flexibility to X-Ray storage systems, inactive Records Storage or Central Supply.


An economical, yet strong and durable Central Supply system that is ideal for a wide variety of bulky, heavy or hard-to-store items.

Benches, Desks and Utility Carts:

Streamline your Pharmacy or Central Supply operations with a long list of products like, modular work stations, heavy-duty benches, or even transport service carts.

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