flexi bins

Flexi-Bins from Borroughs organize your small parts inventory.

Designed for parts departments they are sturdy enough to support a mezzanine. Flexi-Bins slide-in shelves and sliding dividers adjust easily to match changing inventory. Shelves may be raised or lowered when fully loaded, reducing expenses.

  • Shelves slide in easily
  • Automatically and safely lock in place
  • Adjust in 1-1/2 inch increments
  • No tools need for reconfiguring

Borroughs offers seven pre-configured units, or create your own design.

Optional accessories: Bin drawers and built-in label holders.

HD Drawers-in-Shelving:

hd drawers

Borroughs High-Density Drawers-in-Shelving units are offered in a large number of standard pre-configured drawer interiors, used for small parts storage.

For simplicity, Borroughs’ drawers and interiors can be ordered as a complete, outfitted assembly using only one part number. This provides the drawer, including the slide and handle/label holder, factory installed partitions with essential dividers packaged together – making ordering simple and easy, and saving on installation time.

Box Edge Shelving:

3000 3

Ideal for storing large, heavy or bulky parts. Constructed with a closed, welded box shape with lapped and welded corners for rigidity, strength and the ability to handle impact loads. Borroughs HD Drawers install easily into our Box Edge Plus steel storage equipment. Shelves adjust easily without the use of tools, nuts or bolts. Open, closed, bin, ledge, cabinet and counter styles available, with choice of perforated or solid end panels.

Battery Racks:

battery rack

Borroughs Rivet Span gravity-fed Battery Racks offer four levels of battery storage on galvanized channels. Two sizes available 72H x 48W x 36D and 72H x 48W x 48D

Tire Racks:


Borroughs Tire Racks are made of Rivet-Span construction, and require no nuts or bolts for assembly. Tires rest on angle beams, keeping them securely in place. Available in single or double-entry units.

Rivet-Span® Boltless Shelving:

rivetspan shelving wire decking storage industrial

Rivet-Span goes together without nuts, clips, or bolts…and stores almost anything.

Rivet-Span is easy to assemble, yet strong. Rivet-Span is perfect for storing larger items such as sheet metal and tires. Shelves can be accessed from any side. Rivet-Span also offers open shelving areas for storing hanging parts like exhaust systems, fenders, or even floor mats. Rivet-Span products are constructed of heavy-duty 14-gauge steel frames and sturdy rack-like beam-to-post connections. Low initial cost and fast, easy installation are additional advantages.

Long Parts Storage:

rivet span long parts storage

Borroughs has practical and economical storage solutions for long, fragile and difficult to store parts too.

Vertical bins for awkward parts and horizontal racks for longer moldings keep these items neatly organized and protected from potential damage.

Multi-level & Mezzanine Storage Solutions:

auto parts multi level mezzanine image

Borroughs Multi-Level Systems can double or even triple the existing storage space in your facility. By taking advantage of unused overhead space, Borroughs Multi-Level Systems are a cost effective alternative to new building construction.

Using your existing space saves costly building expansions or expensive facility moves and their associated down-times. Plus, Multi-Level Systems save even further, using existing heat, light and cooling. Multi-Level Systems provide tax benefits too. Under most tax laws, Multi-Level Systems are equipment, not really property. This minimizes or avoids additional property taxes and allows the depreciation advantages granted to equipment over buildings.

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