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Gettel Nissan: Smaller
Space. More Storage.

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Gettel Nissan: Smaller Space. More Storage.

Project bid: Take a room full of parts and shrink it in size by 30%. At the same time, increase storage space and efficiency. Present final proposal using computerized 3-D models of proposed changes. 

This is the exact solution Gettel Nissan was looking for when it called on Borroughs authorized dealer Snap-on Business Solutions. Snap-on’s Stan Mikoiaizyk and Borroughs Regional Manager Jeff Vaughn presented Gettel with a solution that went above and beyond the required criteria.

The Entire Second Level is Supported by Box Edge Plus

High Density Drawers on Box Edge Shelving

Stan and Jeff used Borroughs’ Configura® 3-D renderings to design a layout that would accommodate a whole new second level of storage. Said Jeff, “We saved some bar grating to re-use for the new, steel stairway, and refurbished their old, worn out 12”-deep shelves. But the old wooden stairway and the remaining internal structure was completely demolished. We took everything out of the entire department and installed a whole new storage system, complete with a new second floor.”

Box Edge Plus and Small Parts' Storage

The new second floor used mostly Rivet-Span storage to organize bulky parts such as bumper covers and tires. Installers field-cut the bar grating they saved and reused it on the steps of the new steel stairway leading up to the second level. This innovation alone saved Gettel a nice chunk of change. Forklift access was designed into the rail system to allow easy movement of heavy items between levels. While creating a whole new second level—supported entirely by the first level of storage—was the highlight of the new space saving solution, the space and efficiency gains didn’t stop there.

The new, smaller Parts Department first floor utilizes new Box Edge Plus shelves for parts, high density drawers for small parts, Rivet-Span boltless shelving for battery racks and oddly-shaped items.

All said and done, Gettel is “very happy” with their new storage. For a Parts Department, any time you can store more parts in a smaller space is a good day. At Borroughs, maximizing storage space is what we do best. And we’re glad to see good companies like Gettel Nissan of Sarasota, Florida enjoying the benefits of the hard work we and our dealers put in to stay at the forefront of saving space.

New Steel Stairway with Reused Grating

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