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Air Zoo Features Expanded Archive

The Air Zoo features a collection of more than 15,000 artifacts, ranging from pre-World War I coins, to World War II uniforms, weapons, photographs and more. Thanks to the new archive, all of the museum's artifacts are now stored properly in a climate-controlled area to prevent decomposition.

Borroughs HD Drawers Provide Small Parts Organization

The museum's archive features more than 15 rows of 8-foot-tall shelving units with drawers for artifacts, along with space to hang uniforms. The archive also features office space for the collections staff.

Without the archives, the Air Zoo's artifacts that have been donated by many organizations and individuals wouldn't be able to be kept clean and organized, nor would they be preserved. The archive is a vital part of the museum that helps preserve the history of flight for current and future visitors.

Rows of Borroughs B-Span and Box Edge Plus Shelving

So, the next time you come to the Air Zoo, be sure to visit the second floor of the East Wing and take a glimpse into our new archive facility.

Some of many artifacts in the Air Zoo archive.

**Our thanks to the Air Zoo, who allowed the duplication of this article which first appeared in their Summer 2012 Newsletter.
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