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Borroughs Expands Aisle-Saver Rail Options

In addition to our grout supported rails for Aisle-Saver, Borroughs now also offers Shim Supported Rails. Our new Shim Supported Rails use steel shims instead of grout for rail support, with shims at all anchor locations. Shim Supported Rails are in all other ways identical to grout supported rails, including the use of identical filler strips and 3/4" bar stock.

Shims come in three thicknesses for precision leveling and are available for both standard and seismic anti-tip rails. Rails come in 2, 4, 6 and 8 ft. lengths and have been tested at 72” centers with maximum carriage loading.

Key Benefits of Borroughs New Shim Supported Rails:

   • Each anchor location utilizes a shim, ensuring rails are locked in
     place and cannot work loose over time.

   • Accepts decking, same as grouted rail.

   • Easy to relocate rails with minimal disruption to the floor (no grout
     to chip away).

   • Faster installation times due to no mixing and applying grout.

   • Eliminates the hassle of finding a water source on the job site,
     especially difficult on upper floors or office buildings.

Specifications for new Shim Supported Rails will be available in the near future. Please contact Borroughs Aisle-Saver Product Manager Paul Rozgonyi for more information.

Shim Supported Rail (click for enhanced view)
Shim Supported Rail
(Click for Enhanced View)

Aisle-Saver System
Aisle-Saver System

Upcoming Events

Borroughs will be showcasing its Aisle-Saver storage systems at booth 1403 of the IIDEX-NeoCon Canada show.

From the IIDEX-NeoCon web-site:

As Canada’s largest National Design + Architecture Expo and Conference, IIDEX Canada brings together over 15,000 interior designers, architects, facility managers, real estate and business executives in a national forum which powers the design industry in Canada. During two action packed days in September, IIDEX Canada’s 350 exhibitors showcase hundreds of innovative products and services, from all areas of design – workplace, hospitality, retail, healthcare, lighting and sustainable design, while our CEU accredited international conference program ensures attendees receive expert advice on the issues shaping this rapidly changing industry. IIDEX also offers numerous opportunities to network, through receptions, award ceremonies and tours. Now in its 28th year, IIDEX holds a truly unique position in the Canadian design industry as the only major design exposition owned by a professional association, the Interior Designers of Canada.

Joining forces for the first time, Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) and Architecture Canada | RAIC are pleased to announce their historic new collaboration for 2012 as co-presenters of IIDEX Canada, Canada’s National Design + Architecture Exposition & Conference. The move promises to bring the two professions closer together, fostering knowledge sharing, innovation and growth within the Canadian design landscape.

Visit for more information.

What is Labor Day?

Labor Day is an American holiday observed on the first Monday in September. As a response to the Pullman Strike,The Federal Government officially established Labor Day in 1894 to celebrate the economic and social contributions of laborers. For many Americans, Labor Day also signifies the winding down of summer.

As summer winds down, Borroughs will be closed this Monday, September 3, in observance of Labor Day.

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend! 

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