July 2012  Vol 2:7

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Retractable Art Racks

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New Art Racks on Display

Protect your art while saving space. Introducing the Borroughs retractable art racks—designed to be sturdy and space efficient while maintaining ease-of-use and pain free installation. These racks mount to the floor removing the need for ceiling support. The linear motion design allows individual units to be accessed without disturbing adjacent artwork.  Read more here...

Retractable Art Racks
New Retractable Art Racks

New Product Catalog: Here and Ready to Ship

The new Industrial Products Catalog has arrived at long last. The old catalog, after nearly fifteen years in service, has been retired to the old literature heap. The new 116 page catalog is more than double the size of the old catalog, and can be downloaded in pdf form from the Media section of the Borroughs web-site as a whole, or section by section. Hard copies can also be ordered using this form.

Some highlights of the new catalog include:

   • Higher Box Edge Plus capacities
   • New Multi-Tier & Highrise sections
   • New RTA cabinets
   • The inclusion of B-Span, HD Drawers & Aisle-Saver
   • Updated photography

New Industrial Storage Catalog Front Cover
New Industrial Storage Catalog

Congratulations To June Product Seminar Attendees

Borroughs Industrial & Automotive Product Manager Ricky Johnson organized a two-day product training seminar at Borroughs' Kalamazoo headquarters. Eighteen dealers, sales reps, owners and engineers attended, receiving certification in various aspects of Borroughs Industrial & Automotive Products. The two-day seminar featured classroom as well as hands on training, including the assembling of some High Density Drawer units.


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Seminar Attendees

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