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Museum of Florida Art: Road to Accreditation

The renovation required design and layout for a new storage system, for which the museum contracted Borroughs. “We looked at a couple different vendors at the beginning, but Borroughs really stuck with us and adapted all the drawings any time we needed revisions.”
Museum of Florida Art
Museum of Florida Art

The project was so involved, in fact, that Exhibits Coordinator, David Fithian, worked with Borroughs Florida Regional Manager Jeff Vaughn over a period of four years to complete the installation.
Museum of Florida Art
Borroughs Art Rack Storage on Aisle-Saver®

Prior to the installation of their new Borroughs storage systems, the museum had paintings leaning up against walls, with no assigned storage locations. Other artwork was packed away in long term storage.
Museum of Florida Art
Museum of Florida Art

The museum purchased a series of flat-file cabinets, wire art racks, 12’ high four-post shelving and 15 Aisle-Saver units to hold the majority of their paintings, assorted photography and some sculptures. They are currently working on acquiring all of the negatives of artist Les Slesnick, a photographer specializing in pictures taken in Central and South America.

Mr. Fithian and the museum were very pleased with the installation process, and excited about their newfound ability to store their creative works properly and securely.

In addition to the stored works, a triangular-shaped vault area also contains a work area that will allow employees or art students a place to research artists, and also function as a location to register artwork as it comes into the museum. All of the storage installation work was paid for by a county grant the museum was awarded. Along with the grant comes the requirement for great attention to detail in both paperwork and construction. For this, Mr. Fithian commended Borroughs, saying, “I truly admire Jeff and the Borroughs team for their persistence and commitment to this project.”

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