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Museum of Florida Art

2nd Annual Aisle-Saver Seminar

Support Structure Increases Service

Cut-To-Length Line Gets Major Upgrade

ALA show in Anaheim

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Museum of Florida Art: The Road to Accreditation

When the Museum of Florida Art applied for accreditation with the American Association of Museums, they initiated a renovation that would ultimately lead to their application's approval. Read more here...

Museum of Florida Art
Museum of Florida Art
Museum of Florida Art Storage

2nd Annual Aisle-Saver Training Seminar

For the second year in a row, Borroughs Corporation hosted its Aisle-Saver Product Training Seminar. The seminar focuses on installation best practices and troubleshooting techniques. Borroughs Aisle-Saver Product Manager Paul Rozgonyi set up and directed the seminar. Participants received valuable lessons and expert tips over the course of the two-day seminar. The class worked together in small groups to share knowledge. After completing the course and passing a written test the attendees were certified. Borroughs anticipates the possibility of hosting the third annual training seminar next year, though no date has been set at this time.
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Aisle-Saver Class

Support Structure to Increase Service at Borroughs

In an effort to better serve our customers we have made the following changes to our support structure. Going forward, Borroughs Corporation will work with a combined Technical Support Department and Customer Service Department. This new collective will exist as the Borroughs Sales Support Team.

This change in support functions will allow increased cross-functional training and development of our customer service skills, effectively raising the level of service our customers receive and should come to expect.

The Sales Support Team will report to Gary Manogue, Director of Engineering and Sales Support. These steps are part of Borroughs’ on-going efforts to raise the bar on how we support and service our customers. We welcome any suggestions you may have towards this and any of our other processes.

Support Services

Borroughs Oldest Machine Gets a Major Upgrade

Borroughs is making a major investment to its cut-to-length line, which converts steel coil to blanks. The new equipment, which will replace the front portion of the work center known as “16P”, features a new hydraulic shear and servo feeder that will decrease both setup and production times while simultaneously improving accuracy and precision.

Our current cut-to-length press, the Niagara, is one of the oldest machines at Borroughs’ manufacturing facility operated by Scotty Cross, who has been part of the Borroughs family for 42 years. The new cut-to-length equipment is expected to arrive and be operational by mid July.

Borroughs' Niagara: Oldest Machine in the Shop
Borroughs Oldest Machine Gets a Major Upgrade

ALA Show Anaheim

Borroughs Corporation exhibited at the 2012 American Libraries Association Convention in Anaheim, California this past week. Over 500 vendors displayed their products at the Anaheim Convention Center. Borroughs displayed the Wilsonstak library shelving highlighting various storage options. Storage and technology continued to remain the hot topic at the show this year, and Borroughs continues to offer the most complete solution in the industry.
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ALA 2012 Booth, Anaheim CA

Borroughs will be closed on July 4th
in observation of the holiday.

Have a Safe and Happy
July 4th Holiday!!

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