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Gilmore Car Museum: One Gift Leads to Another

Historians, motor heads and just plain folks are all enjoying the range of materials available at Kalamazoo's Gilmore Car Museum’s new library. Recently, Borroughs designed and installed Wilsonstak Library shelving and accessories to improve the museum’s visitor experience. The new library facility allowed volunteers to better organize the collection of 80,000 mostly donated items. Periodicals are displayed on easy to reach shelves. Magazines and book volumes are stored safely on cantilever shelves with custom cherry end-panels. “The shelves have been absolutely great. We just had old, uninviting shelves before” said Michael Spezia, GCM Executive Director.
Gilmore Car Museum
Gilmore Care Museum's Library

After touring the library installation and surrounding building, a need was discovered for much more than books and magazine shelves. The museum also required shelving for antique furniture, displays, important documents, etc. all needing to be properly stored.

The new facility had an archival quality, climate controlled area. It now just needed to be efficiently and economically outfitted with storage.
Gilmore Car Museum
Gilmore Car Museum climate controlled storage

Tim Tyler, President of Borroughs Corp, and Craig Thomas, a Borroughs Regional Manager, came up with an idea to help. We used extra components from past jobs, donated new Rivet-Span shelves and designed a system comparable to a well-tuned car.
Gilmore Car Museum
Gilmore Car Museum Rivet-Span storage

With the addition of the Borroughs storage solutions the museum has preserved the heritage of grandfathers, dads, and parents everywhere, passing on America’s love of cars.

“They just don’t make them like they used to.” But with the addition of an 11ft. automotive workstation donated by Borroughs, the Gilmore Car Museum will continue to educate the community and future generations about their passion for the automobile.

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