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Gilmore Car Museum: One Gift Leads to Another

Book Depositories:
New Sell Sheet

AAM 2012: Minneapolis-St. Paul

Green Windows?

Industrial & Auto
Products Training

Funny New Video for Shelf Appreciaters

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The *NEW*
2-page Museum
Sell Sheet condenses the product information detailed in our much larger Museum Catalog

Sales Tip: Remember to stop in at Chambers of Commerce for helpful prospecting information.

ALA, Anaheim: Visit us at the American Library Association Show in Anaheim, CA, Jun 21-26.

Gilmore Car Museum: One Gift Leads to Another

The Gilmore Car Museum, founded by Donald S. Gilmore, began with one simple gift—an antique car from his wife Genevieve. Soon the collection grew to over 30 automobiles. Around 1966 Genevieve suggested turning the collection into the world-class museum we know today. With eight historic car barns, a small town train, banquet facility, gift shop, library, and executive staff, the location necessitated a storage solution as unique as its cars.  Read more here...

Gilmore Car Museum
Gilmore Car Museum Library

Book Depositories on the Radar

Borroughs Book Depository Storage Systems are modeled on the system designed for the Harvard University Library. We now have additional information for dealers interested in pursuing bids. Download the PDF here...

*NEW* Book Depositories
Sell Sheet PDF

AAM 2012 Show: Museum Cabinets and More!

Borroughs Museum and Library Product Manager, Will Williams, says of AAM 2012: "Without a doubt the best run AAM show I have ever been associated with.  The traffic was outstanding and the service provided by the convention center was second to none.  We will have a lot of projects from this show, no doubt about it!"

Borroughs 10x20 booth at the American Association of Museums 2012 show in Minneapolis received a lot of interest in the art tills and new museum cabinet on display.  Our 
new museum catalog, distributed to attendees, was also well received.

American Association of Museums
Borroughs AAM 2012 Booth in Minneapolis-St. Paul
AAM 2012: Art Till & Cabinet

Green Windows?

What does Borroughs have in common with Yankee Stadium, the Los Angeles Pavilion for Japanese Art, Milwaukee Zoo's Primate House, University of Southern Maine and London's Heathrow Airport? The use of Kalwall glare-free windows–a translucent curtain-window system.

The old-style pane windows in the Borroughs warehouse Steel Bay were recently replaced with custom fabricated windows to increase natural luminance as well as acting as a superior weather barrier.

Additional advantages of the new Kalwall windows were a reduction of energy consumption from light savings, the elimination of glare, enhanced exterior aesthetics, and cleaner air for employees.

With the increasing awareness of Kalwall's technology, architects and planners all over the world are realizing the benefits of natural sunlight to general attitude enhancement.

Information submitted by Greg Gill
Borroughs is an ISO 14001:2004 registered company.

Industrial & Auto Products Training Seminar

Mark your calendars for the Industrial & Automotive Products Training Seminar, to be held at Borroughs' Kalamazoo headquarters Jun 27, 28. Some items on the agenda are product overviews, updates and layout and design tips. Contact Ricky Johnson, Industrial & Automotive Products Manager for details.

Industrial Products Training Seminar

Do You Heart Shelves?

And in case you didn't see our comical new video promoting the new National Shelf Appreciation Day Initiative, take a minute and chuckle...

National Shelf Appreciation Day Initiative Video
Appreciate Some Shelves Today!

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Happy Memorial Day!

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