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Borroughs Introduces New RTA Storage Cabinets

Borroughs has expanded our line of RTA storage cabinets to round out our product offerings. Five new RTA cabinets make up the lineup: Our new standard Storage Cabinet; a Counter-height Cabinet, which doubles as a worksurface as well as a storage unit; an XL Cabinet, for that extra space; a Garment Cabinet; and a Combo Cabinet to accommodate coats, shirts, vests or pants on one side and shelves on the other.  Read more here...

Borroughs Introduces our New IMPACT Workstations

The workstation solution for automotive shops is finally here: Introducing Borroughs new IMPACT workstations.

Borroughs new IMPACT Workstations are cutting edge in workstation design and features.  Engineered from the ground up, the new IMPACT Workstation stands out among the crowd with several key benefits—the most noticeable of which is affordability. IMPACT Workstations are also highly customizable, adaptable to each unique work environment's needs.  When you add longevity, durability, and our ironclad 100-year warranty  to the list of benefits, it's easy to see why we're confident you'll be impressed.


Borroughs 2011 Distributor of the Year Award

Siggins Company President, Gary Wilder, was presented this month with the Borroughs 2011 Distributor of the Year Award.  The award is presented annually to a Borroughs dealer / distributor partner who distinguishes themselves in overall sales volume as well as increased sales volume, and who commits the resources necessary to successfully promote Borroughs products. The Siggins Company excelled in all three of these areas.

In 2011, Siggins’ sales and engineering teams devoted considerable time and energy to best utilize Borroughs products to meet customer needs, resulting in a substantial increase in sales volume.  Maybe most importantly, though, they exemplified true partnership ideals both with their customers as well as their suppliers such as Borroughs.

The Siggins Company has been a Borroughs distributor for over 30 years.  Besides Borroughs products, Siggins also sells a complete line of warehouse equipment. Each year, the Siggins Company continues to prove its worth as a great partner, and each year Borroughs looks forward to finding new ways to help them continue to successfully sell more Borroughs products. Visit Siggins on the web at

                             I heart shelves

Join the revolution and appreciate shelving with us. Enjoy a good laugh watching our new video.

National Shelf Appreciation Day Initiative

Borroughs Lead Services

With the addition of Liz Valentine to the Borroughs Sales and Marketing team, Borroughs is able to put additional focus on lead services for our dealers.

There are currently two levels of lead services for Borroughs partners.  The first level is available to all Borroughs dealers.  Borroughs receives leads from a variety of sources, qualifies the leads and distributes them to the field.  Lead sources include construction notices, Borroughs’ website, trade shows and other Borroughs’ marketing efforts.   The leads go first to Borroughs regional representatives who in turn forward them to the appropriate dealer.  All dealers are eligible to receive leads at no cost at this level.  There is no guarantee on the number of leads any dealer will receive.  All leads are entered into Borroughs’ customer relationship management database and dealers will be asked to provide follow-up on the leads.

The second level of service Borroughs provides for leads allows dealers to purchase dedicated calling efforts from Borroughs.  Dealers purchase a specific number of Borroughs' product-related appointments and submit calling lists.  A Borroughs representative will call on the lists and set appointments until the appointment goal is met.  The leads and appointments generated at this second level will be sent directly to the dealer.  These leads are also entered into the customer relationship management database for follow-up.  Dealers participating at the second level are also eligible to receive leads from the Borroughs marketing efforts noted in the first level.

If you would like to participate in the second level of lead services or have questions about Borroughs lead services, please contact Liz Valentine at 608-758-8504 or

Upcoming Events

Borroughs will be exhibiting at the ALA American Library Association show, booth #1113 in Anaheim, CA, where our library shelving will be on display.

From the ALA web-site: 

ALA Annual Conference is the best place to advance your career, connect with colleagues and to learn new techniques that improve library services to your community.


  • Blogs, Web presence and making the most of the Internet
  • Cultural programs for any and all
  • Training and mentoring
  • Advocacy and fundraising
  • New ways to serve teens and children
  • Cutting edge innovations in technology for library services
  • Outreach to underserved populations

http://www.alaannual.org/ for more information.

A Sneak Peak at our Brand New Industrial Products Catalog

At long last the Borroughs Industrial Products main catalog is nearly ready for production and should be hitting the presses for delivery some time in late May. With new photography, updated product descriptions and information, we're confident you'll find the new catalog to be a great reference and selling tool. Read more...

Three of our New RTA Cabinets
(L to R): Counter-Height Cabinet,
Storage Cabinet and XL Cabinet

New IMPACT Workstations
IMPACT Workstations

New Industrial Products Catalog Front Cover

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