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Clifton Park-Halfmoon Library Gets the Green Light

The new state of the art, two-floor library is three times the size of the old, with a view to expansion. Its responsible construction practices and efficient use of energy, water and other resources qualify it as a leading example of innovative design and operation. Borroughs' advanced design technologies helped to ensure project deadlines were met.

The library is neatly outfitted with several sizes of Borroughs Wilsonstak library cantilever book storage, media storage shelves and several standalone kiosks.  Additionally, the library's entire collection of CD’s, DVD’s and books on tape are stored on more than 70 Borroughs Wilsonstak® pull-out browsing bins. The library also enjoys the use of several Borroughs single-tier and universal media shelves.

Borroughs Wilsonstak Library Media Storage (Left), Kiosk (Center) and Cantilever Shelving (Right)

Mobile storage tables for packing and storing parachutes
Periodical Display and Storage
The driving focus of the new library was to be a leader in Green practices: At least 10% of the construction materials used to make the library were recycled—from the rubber, glass and plastic as well as the gypsum wallboard to the steel and aluminum undergirding. Water consumption was also measurably reduced, and air quality improved by using low VOC-emitting paint and installing low VOC-emitting carpet.

General Collection, Borroughs Wilsonstak Cantilever
The first floor received most of the shelving, but a sizable section of the second floor Children's Library was also outfitted, and powder coat colored in Borroughs standard color "Brit Blue" to complement the decor (click here for floor map showing shelving details

The library's LEED certification stipulates 36 specific requirements the library had to meet with respect to design and construction, as well as ongoing actions it must continue to fulfill

during operation. One such action was that, since it opened, the library has carefully documented a savings of over $203,000 in energy consumption as well as a reduction of 2,639 tons of CO2—the equivalent of removing 520 cars from the road for one full year.

Borroughs is proud to have been selected to outfit the Clifton Park-Halfmoon's Green LEED certified library, and strives to set an example of Green practices in the storage industry. To learn more, see our Green Initiative.

Several pieces of the information above were taken from the library's web-site at

Borroughs is an ISO 14001:2004 Registered "Green" Company.

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