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Borroughs and Indoff Enlisted for U.S. Military
Parachute Packing and Storage Duty

Borroughs, along with long-time partner Indoff, Inc. and subcontractor Coast Steel Installers, were recently enlisted by the U.S. Military to provide a technical storage and work surface system for its parachute-training facilities.

Early stages of carriage installation

Completed 15 ft. high shelving with
half-height end panels

Mobile storage tables for packing and storing parachutes
Mobile oversized work surfaces and storage for rigging parachutes
The Military required a system that would maximize the storage and packing capacity of the existing facility as well as provide both physical and environmental protection of this highly specialized gear. The storage system requested also needed to be able to incorporate long work surfaces where parachutes could be efficiently rigged and packed according to the Military’s exacting standards and specifications – as well as meeting stringent U.S. Government specifications for storage and shelving.

Storage compartments constructed
of Box Edge Plus Shelving

Borroughs and Indoff answered the call with a work surface system and storage that was made to “fly” for this unique kind of duty. Borroughs mobile storage system and carriages allow the tall, ceiling high (15-feet) shelving units, carrying a matrix of individual compartments for parachutes, to be easily compressed, which effectively doubles storage capacity available in the same space.

This same mobile storage concept was applied to the long parachute packing surfaces that were part of the Borroughs and Indoff systems’ package. In addition, Indoff supplied custom, smooth maple surfaces to meet exact specifications for parachute rigging and packing.

Packed parachutesConvenient storage spaces for parachutes are located underneath the maple tabletop surfaces.
The long, narrow tabletops provide the exact dimensions and surface support Military riggers require to prepare and pack parachutes for their next adventure.

*A special thanks from Mark Snider at Indoff to Borroughs Technical Support Rep Jon Blain for his great work on helping make this project happen.

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