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Borroughs and Indoff Drop in on Military Parachute Facility

When the parachutes that the U.S. Military uses in its parachute training programs aren't in the air, where are they stored? And where are they prepared, rigged and packed for their critical call-and-fall to duty, ready for when their time comes to be deployed?  Read more...

Out with the Old, In with the New – Lab Line Washer

After more than three decades and millions of wash and rinse cycles, the original Borroughs lab line washer is retiring. The washer is used to pretreat steel to prepare it for the paint line. The new and improved washer, manufactured by long-time Borroughs partner, Chemquest Inc. of Middleville, Michigan, is scheduled for installation in April.  Read more...

Upcoming Events

Borroughs will be exhibiting at the PLA show, booth 2327.  We will be showcasing our new Mobile Book Carts. PLA 2012 will be held at the Philadelphia Convention Center. Enjoy premier keynote speakers Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Betty White.

Visit http://placonference.org/

NADA - ATD 2012: "Palpable Optimism"

The reviews are in. NADA - ATD 2012 is said to have been "the ultimate convention" and charged with "palpable optimism". "For the first time in years, optimism undeniably strode through the doors of the convention center on opening day and stayed until the last attendee had cleared out," as cited in blog by Jonathan Banks, Executive Automotive Analyst for the NADA Used Car Guide.

Not surprisingly, Borroughs' two booths were busy from start to finish as well. After distributing leads to regional managers across the country, we can definitely say NADA 2012 was a significant success, and would like to offer a big thanks to everyone who contributed to making it happen.

Read Jonathan's official review here...



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Mobile Book Cart

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