Jan 2012  Vol 2:1

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Mounting Library Shelving to Mobile

1.   Add Cantilever Attachment Brackets

2. Add Gussets to Cantilever Uprights

Use self-drilling screw through the gusset to attach to the carriage.
(Screws not included).

Base Shelves and Base Brackets are not required on Mobile, an Adjustable Shelf brings the bottom flush with the carriage.

See Installation Manual for more detail.

3.  Add Inner Skins to Frame

Inner Skins are required to keep unwanted objects from getting caught in the Crank Mechanism and to provide a finished clean look.

Inner skins should be mounted after the frame is mounted to the carriage and before the shelving is installed.  Set the inner skin on the frame as the figure shows and use self-drilling screws to attach it to the frame.  Pre-punched holes in the inner skin assure proper alignment.

See Installation manual for more detail.

~Tech tip written by Susan Moerdyk and Jon Blain

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