Dec 2011  Vol 1:2


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1.5 million Biology Slides in 160 Drawers: A StorMor Unique Solution

When a southern university biology department needed specialized storage for their collection of slides and archive boxes, they turned to StorMor, LLC, Kennesaw, GA. Jerry VanLoozen with StorMor designed a unique storage system utilizing Borroughs High Density Drawers, Record Master Shelving and Aisle-Saver mobile carriages.

Each unit in the system allowed for archive box storage and also had a large bank of High Density Drawers. Each drawer was fitted with special plastic inserts to hold the university’s glass and paraffin slides.


HD drawers with special plastic inserts

HD Drawers affixed to mobile carriages

High Density Drawers were used to hold the heavy slides because of the 400lb per drawer capacity. The entire system is on Aisle Saver mobile carriages, increasing the capacity of the system and allowing for future growth.

Borroughs broad product line and StorMor’s expertise gave the university the best possible solution to meet their current and future storage needs.


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