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Dallas Freightliner

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Borroughs Upgrades Facility Lamps

Borroughs contracted Hi-Tech Electric to upgrade its warehouse lighting system. The project will save an estimated $78,000 annually and show a 40% ROI in the first year, thus paying for the entire project in less than 3 years. A Consumers Energy incentive will also shrink the project’s overall cost by 30%, to the tune of more than $100,000...


Featured Install: Dallas Freightliner

Less than two years ago Dallas Freightliner opened the most modern and largest commercial truck facility in North America. The location houses more than $3,000,000 in parts inventory and employs approximately 200 people. Everything from bolts to bumpers are stored in the building.


Aisle-Saver Seminar A Success

Borroughs recently hosted an Aisle-Saver Systems training seminar in Kalamazoo where eight participants were certified in installation best practices, troubleshooting and new features.


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National Auto Dealers Assoc.

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Feb 4 to 6

Feb 4 to 6

Mar 14 to 16
Las Vegas

Las Vegas


Configura Tech Tip:
Quoting a Fixed Carriage Around an Obstacle


Step 1. Place the fixed carriage in the system the same length as the movable carriages.

**Do not quote a system leaving the building column under a full length carriage. This will render an incorrect dollar figure as well as misrepresent the way the system will ship.

Step 2. Left click on the yellow square located on the back of carriage and shorten the carriage to the point that it doesn’t interfere with the obstacle.

Step 3. Create another fixed carriage the length required to fill the new, empty space. Place the shorter carriage on top of the track in the correct location. Continue to place shelving on carriages.

Tech Tip provide by Borroughs Tech Support Engineer Jon Blain.

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